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Listed below are the titles, invited speakers and references for previous Turner Memorial Lectures, details of forthcoming lectures will be provided here. To get a better view of the mosaic please click on it.

No. Date Title, Invited Speaker and Reference
1st 9 November 1966 "W E S Turner - Applied Scientist"
Professor R W Douglas
Professor of Glass Technology, University of Sheffield
Glass Technology 1967 8 (1), 19-28
2nd 17 February 1969 "Technology and Society"
J Herbert Holloman
President of the University of Oklahoma
Glass Technology 1969 10 (1), 164-170
3rd 25 February 1971 "Float - an Application of Science, Analysis and Judgement"
Sir Alastair Pilkington FRS
4th 6 March 1975 "The Politics of Noxious Vapours"
The Rt. Hon. Lord Ashby FRS

Glass Technology 1975 16 (3), 60-67
5th 10 November 1976 "Glass Technology - The Challenge of Change"
Mr V C Hender
Group Managing Director, United Glass
Glass Technology 1977 18 (2), 35-42
6th 7 June 1979 "Our Forefathers in Glass"
Mr R J Charleston
Former Keeper, Dept. of Ceramics, Victoria and Albert Museum
Glass Technology 1980 21 (1), 27-36
7th 20 May 1982 "Glass - Key Material in Advancing Solar Energy Applications"
Professor J K Page
Department of Building Science, University of Sheffield
8th 26 November 1984 "W E S Turner - Recollections and Developments"
Professor R G Newton
Honorary Professor, Department of Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers, University of SheffieldGlass Technology 1985 26 (2), 93-103
9th 15 May 1986 "Glass, Light and the Information Revolution"
Professor A Gambling
British Telecommunications Professor of Optical Communication, University of Southampton
Glass Technology 1986 27 (6), 179-187
10th 5 May 1988 "A Policy for the Funding of Science in the UK"
Professor E W J Mitchell
Chairman, Science and Engineering Research Council
Glass Technology 1989 30 (2), 67-71
11th 6 May 1993 "The Emergence and Domination of the Venetian Glass Industry in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance"
Hugh Tait FSA
Department of Medieval and Later Antiquities, British Museum
12th 11June 1996 "The Future of Glass Research"
Professor John D Mackenzie
Nippon Sheet Glass Professor of Materials Science and Associate Dean of Engineering, UCLA
Glass Technology 1996 37 (6), 181-184
13th 30 September 1999 "Ancient Glass and Modern Science - building on the legacy of WES Turner"
Dr I C Freestone
Deputy Keeper at The British Museum
14th 20 September 2001 "Glass and Genes"
Professor L L Hench
Professor of Ceramic Materials at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
15th 7 May 2003 "TV is Dead - Long Live the Web"
Professor Sir Harry Kroto
Professor of Chemistry at the University of Sussex
16th 8 September 2005 "Cut and Engraved Glass in the Islamic World Between the 8th and 11th Centuries"
Dr D Whitehouse
Executive Director and Curator of Ancient and Islamic Glass
Corning Museum of Glass
New York
17th 10 May 2007 "The Development of Glass-Melting Furnaces and South Yorkshire's Pioneering Role"
Prof Michael Cable
Emeritus Professor at the University of Sheffield

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